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Surgical and Injury Consultation

Whether facing an upcoming surgery or recovering from an existing injury, pain and limitations can hold you back. Our team of specialized physical therapists, with extensive experience in surgical and post-injury rehabilitation, is here to empower you. We understand the unique challenges each case presents, and we tailor a personalized treatment plan to fit your specific needs and goals

Our Approach

Pre-Surgical Optimiza​tion.

We work closely with your sur​geon to prepare your body for​ surgery, maximizing it​s healing potential and​ minimizing recovery time​. This may involve stren​gthening exercises, ra​nge-of-motion improvements,​ and pain management st​rategies.


Post- Surgical Rehabilitation

Following surgery, we create a ​comprehensive rehabilitation program ​to address your specific needs. This ​may includ:

  • Therapeutic exercises: Tailored ​exercises to regain strength, restore ​function, and prevent ​complications.
  • Modalities: Ultrasound, electrical ​stimulation, and other technologies ​to enhance healing and reduce ​inflammation.
  • Education and self-management: ​We empower you with the ​knowledge and skills to manage ​your recovery effectively, ensuring ​long-term success.


Pain Management Strategies

Providing effective ​techniques to manage pain ​and discomfort throughout ​your journey.


We Also Offer:

  • Nutritional guidance: ​Optimizing your diet to ​support healing and ​recovery.
  • Mental health support: ​Addressing the emotional ​challenges that may ​accompany surgery or ​injury.