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Our comprehensive evaluations guide the way. Your kinesiologist or PTA can execute the tailored treatment plan we develop!

  • We specialize in physical therapy assessments. Our highly trained professionals complete a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose conditions and determine the best course of treatment.
  • We have a collaborative approach to therapy delivery. Our physiotherapist performs a comprehensive assessment, analyzes your client’s needs, and develops a personalized treatment plan. Then, we partner with your chosen kinesiologist or PTA to seamlessly transition your client into their next recovery phase.
  • Experience the power of collaboration. We are dedicated to providing accurate diagnoses and clear plans, leaving your chosen therapist well-equipped to deliver effective treatment. Together, we ensure that your client’s journey to wellness is smooth and efficient.
  • Our comprehensive assessments eliminate uncertainty and give you the confidence to know that your client’s treatment plan is based on a solid foundation. Your kinesiologist or PTA then takes the reins, using our roadmap to guide your personalized therapy program.


  • Expert diagnosis and evidence-based treatment plans.
  • Seamless transition between assessment and treatment.
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration between all healthcare providers involved.
  • Faster path to recovery with a targeted and efficient approach.
  • Your clients are treated by the therapists you know and trust.
  • Treatments can be billed through the majority of insurance companies.